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Senses of Cinema #44

story © Michael Betancourt | published August 27, 2007 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  


Senses of Cinema #44 has a lot of articles on experimental film.Articles include:

Interview with Jonas Mekas
Interview with Raphal Bassan and Viviane Vagh
Identity of Cinema: Experimental and Different by Raphal Bassan
Interview with Christian Lebrat
"I Have Always Been Attracted to Painting" by Christian Lebrat
Interview with Michael Betancourt
Tom Luddy on Jean-Luc Godard
The Zanzibar Films and the Dandies of May 1968
The Poetics of Abigail Child
The Film Theory of Antonin Artaud
Stan Brakhage and the Phenomenology of Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Surrealism and the Omnipotence of Cinema
Jan Svankmajer's Slen
Hysteria and the Brothers Quay
Ben Hackworth on Corroboree


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