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Contact Light in Syros International Film Festival 2016

story © Michael Betancourt | published June 25, 2016 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  


The "Ταξίδι στο φεγγάρι" ("Journey to the Moon") program will include my movie Contact Light. The 4th Syros International Film Festival runs July 28-August 1 on the Greek island of Syros in the Aegean.


by Ferry: Boats leave Piraeus every day for Syros and the journey lasts approximately 3 hours. Ferries also leave from other islands, though schedules may vary day to day. You can book a ferry ticket [link] or contact any Syros ferry agency for more specific schedules.

by Plane: Syros is serviced daily by an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens, lasting 25 minutes.


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