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VOOM HDTV Sponsoring Experimental Channel

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MOOV is a revolutionary new High-Definition (HD) television channel dedicated solely to showcasing non-narrative film and video art.

Broadcast throughout the US and Canada by the new VOOM HD satellite service, the goal of this new channel is to bring works that could normally only be seen in private showings, galleries, and festivals to a wider audience, while also creating a community of artists from around the globe.

MOOV is also seeking collaborations with artists of all mediums and will provide artists with resources to create new non-narrative videos in HD from their Philadelphia and Boston-based MOOVlabs.

MOOV welcomes submissions on VHS as well as written proposals for collaborations. To be considered, artists' works must have been finished on HD video, 35mm or 16mm film, or originally created in a digital format that can be upgraded to 1080i resolution.

For those interested in submitting their work, please contact:


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