Submissions Wanted for UK Short Film Showcase

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The Dorset Arts and Crafts Association is looking for submissions for its 2005 Special Exhibition, a showcase of short works by filmmakers in the South West. A programme of selected films will be projected in a screening room throughout the five days of the exhibition, from Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th August, where we expect to receive around 3000 visitors.

Submissions are open to all groups and individuals in the South West; the films themselves can be of any genre, while we also accept multiple entries. Submissions must be on DVD or MiniDV format, with each film ideally running no longer than fifteen minutes, although we may be able to make exceptions for longer films. Entries must be judged suitable for viewing by all ages. Submissions are open until 1st July 2005.

Submission forms and guidelines are available on our website (just follow the New For This Year link):

Please forward any enquiries to John at

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