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MIRfestival call for entries

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Call for entries

Deadline for submissions: Friday, March 26, 2010

MIRfestival presents innovative, experimental, exciting artistic projects at the crossroads of performing arts, visual arts and live media. It is an international contemporary art festival focusing on the experiment and it welcomes adventurous creation around performance, live media, image by artists who want to share with the audience a personal view of the world. Named after the old orbital station, it aims to be an open space for creative artists and audiences to meet, exchange, communicate and reflect.

MIRfestival is organized by MIR, a non-profit cultural company, in collaboration with private and public organizations and institutions. The festival was founded by its actual artistic director Christiana Galanopoulou. It is biennial and it takes place in industrial spaces, theatres and other venues in Athens. For information on the 2008 edition, please visit our web archive.

MIRfestival 2010 will be on in Athens, from September 10-18.

Your submissions are welcome!

You may submit: > performance, small scale dance and theatre productions, > live media projects, projects combining experimental music and image or performance and image, > installations, interactive installations, interactive projects, > urban projects and interventions in the city > experimental film and video

MIRfestival is not thematic. However, for its 2010 edition, apart from the other artistic projects which will be included in its programme and will be held in a theatre, a gallery etc, it is also searching for projects and actions intervening to Athens squares and public spaces, under the theme HERE/ NOW.

Selected works from the submitted ones, together with works already programmed, will form the 2010 edition programme.

Please visit to find out more. In order to submit your work, please follow the instructions in MIR instructions.

Please read carefully the participation conditions.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 26, 2010.

We look forward to welcoming your proposals.

The 2010 mission to MIRfestival is approaching. Get ready! skype: mirfestival


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