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 ZXX and Cryptographic Typefaces
     by Michael Betancourt | published July 3, 2013 in CultureCrit.
 A Postscript to Educating Buffy
     by Michael Betancourt | published August 6, 2012 in CultureCrit.
 A News Photo from Occupy Wall Street
     by Michael Betancourt | published October 16, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Homeless Vermin?
     by Michael Betancourt | published March 22, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Question about Quantitative Easing
     by Michael Betancourt | published March 21, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Tired of URL Shorteners?
     by Michael Betancourt | published March 13, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Downside to On-Demand Culture
     by Michael Betancourt | published March 10, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Datamoshing vs. Futurism
     by Michael Betancourt | published March 4, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 E-Books and Academic Citations
     by Michael Betancourt | published January 20, 2011 in CultureCrit.
 Stuck in the Past
     by Michael Betancourt | published November 14, 2009 in CultureCrit.
 Fashion Video Cameras!
     by Michael Betancourt | published January 3, 2008 in CultureCrit.
 On The Death of VHS & Analog Media
     by Michael Betancourt | published November 30, 2006 in CultureCrit.
 Be The Decider!
     by Michael Betancourt | published June 4, 2006 in CultureCrit.
 Novelty TVs
     by Michael Betancourt | published December 30, 2005 in CultureCrit.
 DNA points to suspects in death of Art Basel Festival Miami Beach
     by Anonymous | published August 5, 2005 in CultureCrit.
 Why Hollywood's Profits are Falling
     by Michael Betancourt | published July 16, 2005 in CultureCrit.
 White Cube vs Black Box Exhibitions
     by Michael Betancourt | published December 28, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Experimental Film MA Program?
     by Michael Betancourt | published December 21, 2004 in CultureCrit.
     by Rey Parla | published December 5, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Ed Ackerman's Question
     by Michael Betancourt | published November 21, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 HR2391 Copyright Bill in the US
     by Michael Betancourt | published November 17, 2004 in CultureCrit.
     by Michael Betancourt | published September 11, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Archives and their Futures
     by Michael Betancourt | published August 8, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Ads Co-opt art
     by Michael Betancourt | published August 5, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Conflicts of Interest
     by Michael Betancourt | published July 2, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Silencing the Opposition
     by Michael Betancourt | published June 25, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 No More "High Arts"
     by Michael Betancourt | published June 14, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 The Safe Culture
     by Michael Betancourt | published June 5, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 the Ad-vent of Media Recycling
     by Michael Betancourt | published June 2, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Folk Processes and the Internet
     by Michael Betancourt | published May 16, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Video Art shown to HS students
     by Michael Betancourt | published May 14, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 MIT Student Paper Interviews MPAA's Jack Valenti
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 28, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 A quote from the past
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 27, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 A New Culture War Starts?
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 14, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 The Future of Media?
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 12, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 TV causes ADD!?
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 4, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Flavor of the Week
     by Michael Betancourt | published April 2, 2004 in CultureCrit.
 Wound Culture
     by Michael Betancourt | published February 14, 2003 in CultureCrit.