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   avant-garde movies, motion graphics, and theory
by Michael Betancourt is written and edited by Michael Betancourt specifically focusing on motion graphics, experimental/avant-garde motion pictures and has updates about his new movies, writing and research projects.

It contains research, theory and criticism as well as takes note of new trends in technology and aesthetics.

The contents posted here are things that interest me, either from my research (both critical theory and media) or my movie-related work. I generally try to post something at least once per week, as my schedule allows.

Quick links:

  • The 3 Periods of Abstract Film & Video in the US

  • Theory writing on Digital Capitalism

  • History

  • Interesting primary source documents:

  • The Last of the Mohicans: Oskar Fischingers Symphony in Blue, FilmLiga, 15 November 1935, pp. 314-315 [.pdf]

  • Dreams That Money Can Buy, Hans Richter, 1947 [.pdf]

  • Tinting and Toning of Eastman Positive Motion Picture Film, second edition, 1918 [.pdf]