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About Michael Betancourt
Bio: Michael Betancourt is editor and author of; he is also an artist, media historian, critical theorist, and curator.

His essays have been translated into Chinese, Italian, Greek, Persian, Portuguese, and Spanish; journals such as Leonardo, Semiotica and CTheory have published his essays; he has edited five books on visual music technologies invented by artists such as Thomas Wilfred, Mary Hallock-Greenewalt, and Oskar Fischinger. In the course of this research, he discovered the oldest surviving hand-painted abstract films, done in 1916 by inventor and artist Mary Hallock-Greenewalt.

As an artist, he has exhibited his movies, site-specific installations, and non-traditional art forms in unseen, unusual, or public spaces since 1992. The second edition of his book, (written as a textbook), Structuring Time came out in 2009. His movies work with the techniques of optical printing, but in a digital medium. His movies have been shown in galleries, festivals and art fairs internationally, and are distributed in Europe by Lowave.


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