A New Culture War Starts?

story  Michael Betancourt, April 14, 2004 all rights reserved.


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Shari Anne Brill, director of programming at media buyer Carat USA describes it this way: "There will be stricter self-regulatory guidelines because it seems that in this climate, everyone is afraid to cross the line." In other words, there is a definite chilling effect happening. It would be trite to say this is Janet Jackson's fault, since it was underway before she made herself an easy example for the would-be restrictors.

This suggests there is a developing culture war much like we had in the early 1990s. I guess we should all be ready for all sorts of new, unsubstantianted claims of "harm" and the consequent witch-hunts. Anyone making media with unpopoular ideas, or taboo content, caveat lector.

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