Unseen Potentials

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"Within many of mankindís tools are latent properties unobserved even by those those intuition has led to the design of the tool. Television is no exception. As an electronic system its range and complexity is astonishing; unfortunately, far more so than its usual content indicates."Stephen Beck wrote this quotation about his work to develop a direct video synthesizer in the early 1970s.

I like this quote because it is even more true of the digital computer when applied to video: the software (existing, comsumer) often has all sorts of potentials that its designers did not intend--and that they may even regard as "bugs" and try to "fix" in later versions of the program. This is the reason I prefer such software over the "properly working" professional software that I've had the opportunites to work with in the past.

Read Direct Video: Electronic Art form for Color Television for the full text of Beck's discussion.

Copyright © Michael Betancourt  May 15, 2004  all rights reserved.

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