The Future of Media?

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Choice quote from Bill Aho, chief executive officer of ClearPlay Inc.: "It's against the First Amendment to stop the media from providing content that's edgier and edgier. It's up to technology,'' In other words, they are going to build DVD players that have a "don't show" listing. I have to wonder how this doesn't qualify as some kind of censoring, even though I know it *technically* isn't...

The Director's Guild may end up defeating this, not based on censorship issues, but through copyright: "By not seeking the consent of the director, whose name on the movie reflects the fact that the film comprises his or her work, or of the studio as copyright holder, they can and do change the very meaning and intent of films."

It seems as if there will be more and more of this kind of technological "solution," thus the whole proposition of alternative media may eventually become a moot point.

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