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story  Michael Betancourt, April 2, 2004 all rights reserved.


I live in Miami, FL, and we've hosted a branch show of Art Basel for the past two years with the predictable result that we've now got more galleries opening up here. Generally speaking, this is a good thing: more galleries means more support for artists, etc. in the long run.

What is funny about this is the impact the video galleries seem to be having: video is now the "in thing" and every gallery in town is now trying to put together shows involving "video art." This work seems to deserve being in quotes because these shows are basically invented artists who're doing this simply because they own a MAC and can now burn a DVD. Thus, people who had been working for a long time doing non-video work are now putting out their own limited edition disks.

But the galleries have no facilities to exhibit video (even poorly), and seem to have no interest in getting the basic equipment, such as an inexpensive projector, to put on these shows, so the costs keep getting passed on to the artists who are pressured to buy the equipment for the gallery to use. This strikes me as unethical.


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