Film Manifesto

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Here's a French Film Manifesto: Experimental ? Itís not my "type" !

It makes a number of claims, but central to them is this obervation:

The worse would be to freeze experimental cinema as a heritage; its simple stereotyping as a "genre" would be like mummifying it on credit.

These two issues do not "feel" connected necessarily. Freezing it as a heritage os not the same as regarding it as a genre. Admitting that there are aspects to experimental cinema that can be regarded as "genre" is not the same as enshrining it as a heritage. Another word for Heritage is Canon, and this has already happened. The issue should be to get new work into that collection.

In this frame of mind and given the fact that there is no institutional representive capable of taking into account as a whole, nor with sufficient acuteness, the specific field of creation in which we are the actors...

Stirkes me as being especially polemical (this same could be said of any actively developing tradition), but it is a manifesto afterall, I guess.

Copyright © Michael Betancourt  April 2, 2004  all rights reserved.

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