Optic Nerve VI

story © Michael Betancourt, July 7, 2004 all rights reserved.


This yearís jurors Ė W. Rod Faulds, Director, University Galleries, Florida International University; Monica Freeman, vice President of Axe Multimedia and FIU Film Instructor; and Miami artist and filmmaker Ali Prosch - have selected the latest installment of Optic Nerve:

Harold Batista, Tom Water
Jeffery Lee Calvert, Reconstructive Squirrelgery
Lou Anne Colodny, Huh?
Paul DeGeorge III, Towow Wars
Gonzalo Escobar, Untitled
Linda V. Ferrer, Chest Hump
Eric Freedman, a series of found objects
Pablo Gonzalez - Trejo, Home
Andrew Hevia, Letís Talk About [Jesus]
Julie Lara Kahn, Mobius
Kenny 5, Straw In the Wind
Mark Rex Latta, Untitled
Erika Morales, Grow Your Own Vine
Selvis Morales, Jamais Vu
Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Girls and Horses
Bruce S. Yarock, The Enron Song (Where are you Now, Ken Starr)
Edward Zawackis, The Excerpt

Show starts at 8 pm on July 23. Don't forget to RSVP: 305.893.6211

Copyright © Michael Betancourt  July 7, 2004  all rights reserved.

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