Archives and their Futures

story  Michael Betancourt, August 8, 2004 all rights reserved.


Richard Prelinger of the Prelinger Archive discusses the issues and future for archives in America:

"The last decade has been good to film archives and stock footage libraries. Increased interest in archive and library holdings has exposed many hidden treasures. At the same time, the artifacts have stimulated reexamination of this century's history and preconceptions."

"Despite these trends, the stock footage industry still functions much as it has since the 1950s. Though new licensing perspectives and retrieval technologies promise, at least in theory, to streamline footage research and licensing, those currently seeking archival footage must still learn how to make the system work for them."

Even though this article is from 1991, it is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to work with a film/video archive, explaining all the issues and concerns in an accessible way.

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