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I went to the Art Basel convention center exhibition on Saturday. I was standing in line when suddenly luck strikes me, or was it, an interesting woman, maybe a French collector, tapped me on the shoulder and says “here, I am leaving, this is your permanent pass!”

– She looked upset and in a hurry to get some fresh air or maybe find some common minds. Lucky me, I have a free ticket I thought. After going through the cluttered art maze and reaching the door as my final destination, I turned, looked back and thought; I am so lucky, I don’t have to go Art Miami next month. If you are looking for new and original works of art, contemporary film and video works, go out into the magic city, you might just run into a magician you like but never even heard of before. Art Basel is Dead. Its survival depends on the surrounding events. There you will find Miami Unseen. [ Rey Parla ]

Copyright © Rey Parla  December 5, 2004  all rights reserved.

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