Ask the Robot

story  Michael Betancourt, May 24, 2005 all rights reserved.


Ask the Robot Presents

an evening of performance, music, video & installations on that pulsating old vessel:

the frying pan
Pier 63 North River, NYC
12th Ave, between 22nd & 23rd

Wednesday, May 25
Doors 8pm, Show 9pm
$5 suggested donation

ask the robot is a platform that gives artists working within and across different media a chance to present their work on an open stage. turn me on will be an evening of exploration into the codes, commands and languages of the human (re)creative function.

+Performances by+

Jessica Delfino, Scott Fitzgerald and Manlio Lo Conte, Nick Fox-Gieg, Jonny Goldstein, Happy Hour Clowns, Stephanie Lee Jackson, Jin-Yo Mok, Brian Maniere, Laura Moran, Cassie Terman and Leigh Evans

+Followed by Live Music with+

*Project Jenny Project Jan*

+Installations by+

Paul Davies & Sarah Lippek, Irina Davis, Scott Fitzgerald and Manlio Lo Conte, Inhye Lee, Mac McKean, Meghan Trainor, Ashley Smith

+Videos by+

Michael Betancourt, Liubo Borissov, April Hartstein, Elliott Malkin, Sophia Peer, Zev Robinson, Rotem Tashach
*curated by Kelly Shindler*

+Writings by+

Arielle L Angel, Stephanie Lee Jackson, Laura Moran, Saleet Wolf

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Copyright © Michael Betancourt  May 24, 2005  all rights reserved.

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