Telemetry Reviewed on Film Threat

story  Michael Betancourt, September 5, 2005 all rights reserved.


From the review by David Finkelstein:

"Telemetry" is exhilarating and gorgeous. This video reminds me that abstract film and video, when it is made at this kind of high artistic level, is dramatically gripping and keeps me on the edge of my seat. The shortness of each section left me always wanting more, which in itself is an effective dramatic strategy. Betancourt has a subtle eye and ear for balancing simplicity and complexity into a satisfying composition. Just as the eye begins to feel the need for a fresh challenge, one appears: stationary rectangles begin to drift, or established spatial relationships are disrupted. He also uses the black background space effectively to highlight and frame the action. "Telemetry" is a thrilling vision of cosmic dynamism and balance.

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