Visual Music from Iota

story  Michael Betancourt, September 14, 2005 all rights reserved.


Last year the Iota Center decided to produce the first volume of work from members of the iota list as a DVD compilation. Visual Music from Iota, volume one is an anthology showcasing the variety and complexity of approaches and techniques being employed by artists working with visual music and abstraction.

It's available from the iota store.

The disk includes: Andrew D. Lyons' "Loucid," Michael Betancourt's "Radio-Activity" and "Look Out (HE'S GOT A KNIFE)," Michael Mantra's "Pew" and "FMW02", Emile Tobenfeld's "Tranquillity & Stimulation", Mavie Cahn's "Prisims" and "Greyhound", Nancy Herman's "What Might Have Been", Bill Alves' "Aleph", Beth Warshafsky's "Anthrodance Variation #3", and Rey Parla's "Sporadic Germination."

You can get it from the Iota center for $25.00 for home / $100.00 for institutional use

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