Eigengift (updated)

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Eigengift is a short video prepared using the taxonomy for abstraction that was published by Leonardo magazine.

Update: Abstracting the External: iotaSalon 2.11 screened this movie at UCLA's Broad Art Center on February 21, 2011.

I'm very happy to be included in such a great program of works!

The Show:

Projections of beautiful abstract imagery that shows us a window into the external world - vegetation, rural, floral - all from a alternative world. Far beyond the reaches of the metropolis there is a place where gardens grow. Join us at UCLA's Broad Art Center - a deck and lounge area is waiting with glimpses of this world. Feel free to sit outside or in the comfort of the warm interior and grab a coffee inside. As always bring your thinking caps because at our salons discussion is just as important as viewing.
The Program:
The Nightgardener by Jennifer Hardacker
O.1 (section of a dome video project - projected flat) by Diana Riechenbach
Monarda by Walter Ungerer
Parts Per Million by John Hawk
Eigengift by Michael Betancourt
The Sun as a Cold Solid (part three of a four part series titled "Temenos") by Aaron Ross
Untitled by Noa Kaplan
Echoing Spaces by Dennis H Miller
Linear Dreams by Richard Reeves
The Green Child by Sky David
Rotary Almanic by Peter Rose
Snow by Ria Ama

Eigengift is German for "self-poison." This title reflects the underlying cause for hallucinations; it is constructed in five interlocking sections where the progression moves from general amorphous abstractions towards consistently more geometric forms.

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