MOMA's New Department: Media

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"In contrast to [film], you're not sitting and watching from the beginning to the end in a dark room with other people," Mr. Biesenbach said. "It's basically always gallery-based. It can be moving pictures. It can be beautiful sound installations, like the Janet Cardiff piece we had here at MoMA. It can be performance pieces. They're all time-based, and they're all moving in some broad sense."

NY Sun reports on the new department. Since they're keeping the Film department rather than making it be part of this new thing, Media, I guess we can see the difference in how they separate them: being time-based is a good candidate. Apparently film isn't "time-based" because you don't watch "it" in a gallery. Now we know the difference. Film isn't time-based, video art is. So what happens when you watch a film?

This must be some other meaning of "time-based" that is new--just like the new media that use it!

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