SoundImageSound Festival 9

story  Michael Betancourt, December 31, 2012 all rights reserved.


My movie Antag|Protag will be screening in the Fixed Media Program on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 7:30 PM as part of the SoundImageSound Festival.

The fixed media event will be showing:

Clonal Colonies - Bret Battey
Quicksilver - Maggi Payne
Antag|Protag - Michael Betancourt
Eight-minute Deadline - Greg Grigoropoulos
Empty Rooms - Claudia Larcher
Oboeteokitaikoto - Kayoko Naoe

The live concert on Friday, February 1, will present:

Animations by Mirai Mizue, Atsushi Wada, and Tochka
Lunar Life - Rodrigo Sigal
A new collaboration between myself and French animation artist Celia Eid (alto and bari sax, computer sound, video)
New work for live analog synthesis and video by Todd Barton

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