A Message from Hank Rudolph at Signal Culture

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Signal Culture, a new not-for-profit media arts organization, is rapidly approaching the final week of fundraising.

If you haven’t already donated, please take a look:

And for more information about them, please check out the following sites:
If you have donated, thank you, and please spread the word.

All donations are tax-deductible.

What is Signal Culture trying to do?

In the broadest sense, SC wants to offer a base for the juncture of experimental media arts practice, theory and tool development.

How do they intend to do this?

First, through an artist-in-residency program that addresses these areas, with an emphasis on real time, interactive digital and analog toolsets, systems and environments. We plan to have residencies for artists, curators, critics, toolmakers, and historians working with experimental media arts.

Second, by being a resource of information about possible systems, patches, and processes, along with the historical and theoretical context for both tool design and artistic practices in the experimental media arts. This can be done through online resources and small publications. Additionally, by organizing events, such as exhibitions (and perhaps eventually workshops and conferences) that reflect these concerns.

In all of these activities, SC wants to provide information and models for personal (or collective) systems that are obtainable, open-ended, and experimental.

In short, they want to be an institution designed to not have artists dependent on institutions.

What’s the money for?

Basically, startup costs
This includes:
1. Acquiring a space, along with the initial rent, utilities and insurance needed.
2. Obtaining equipment for the artist in residency studio
3. Completing the legal process for 501(c)3 status
4. Getting the furniture & appliances for office and living accommodations.

It does not include:

Salaries for anyone involved. We are presently volunteering our services.

What happens after that?

Accomplishing the above start-up goals would be the springboard for seeking additional support from foundations and public agencies for both ongoing operating expenses and special activities. While some of this is already in progress, having a physical space and 501(3)c status are important prerequisites for grant applications and providing a base for earned income activities.

What has happened so far?

1. We have been awarded a generous donation from mediaThe foundation. This award falls out of their normal grant cycle.
2. We have received Organizational Development Support from the Media Arts Technical Assistant Fund of NYSCA Electronic Media and Film, administered by free 103point9.
3. Media artist Bob Doyle is offering us a large assortment of vintage equipment for the studio.
4. Toolmakers Critter and Guitari are donating one of their Video Scopes for the studio.
5. SC Board member Tammy McGovern has been editing a “media arts cookbook”, where various artists have submitted tips and techniques on analog and digital image/sound manipulation, circuit bending, web development, mobile apps, sensors and more.


In addition, many of the perks offered in the fundraising drive reflect the very philosophy and goals of Signal Culture:
The 7 creative apps are all excellent examples of ways artists have addressed tool design through software, such as Processing and Max, to manipulate, generate, and/or synchronize image and sound.
The 9 interview podcasts are documentations of the histories and ideas of artists, curators, theorists and toolmakers working in the field.

So again, please help them out if you can.

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