Films from the Attic, Richmond, VA - March 20

story  Michael Betancourt, March 17, 2014 all rights reserved.


Studio Two Three Film & Video Series: Films from the Attic on March 20th, 7:30pm will be screening my movie Remixed Message.

Films from the Attic is a screening of movies that were, in some way, made utilizing older film + video techniques, methods, and/or formats. This could include shooting with DVs, VHS, older digital cameras, discontinued/expired film stocks, older style film cameras, optical printing, hand processing, camera less films, etc. etc. NO DSLR work or work done on a new style HD1080p digital camera (unless used sparingly or as a method for digital transfer).

Screening work by Thomas Javier Castillo
Christine Lucy Latimer
Michael Betancourt
Erin Taylor
Timothy David Orne
Janis Crystal Lipzin
Shannon Roulet
Aaron Zeghers
Daniela Zahlner
Rhayne Vermette
Karissa Hahn
Joshua Yates
Justin Rang
Zachary Epcar
Helen Hood Scheer
Gabrielle Namm
Bernd Luetzeler
Georg Koszulinski
Michael Lyons and Haruka Mitani
John Stavas
Elijah Kennedy
Scott Fitzpatrick
Charles Chadwick

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