Crossroads Festival schedule announced!

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My movie Dancing Glitch is in Crossroads, Program 4: forward reverse read write: conjectures about the animal

In Person: Michael Betancourt; Karissa Hahn; Jeremy Moss; Deborah Stratman

Screening on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 4:00 pm:

Cicatrix (2014) by Jeremy Moss
Soon (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Jeanne Liotta
Dancing Glitch (2013) by Michael Betancourt
L’entre Deux (2014) by Karl Lemieux
Sayre’s Vapor (2013, world premiere) by Karissa Hahn
Conjectures (2013) by Pablo Mazzolo
As Near as Light (2014, world premiere) by Susan DeLeo
Second Sighted (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Deborah Stratman
The Golden Hour (2014; Bay Area premiere) by Ross Meckfessel
Laborat (2014, Bay Area premiere) by Guillaume Cailleau
Jenny Haniver (2014, world premiere) by Stephen Broomer.

April 10–12
curated by Steve Polta

All programs show at the Victoria Theatre
2961 Sixteenth Street (at Mission) in San Francisco

Please check their website for the full schedule and any updates.

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