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Much of what follows, while directed towards Movies, is equally applicable to Statics. 'Real time' is the key to distinguishing statics (movies) which move very slowly from actual movies-as-such. Many things move/change, but not in a fashion we can actually perceive.

When we construct an aesthetic of visual art based on the concept (and reality) of light, we have two types (classes) of potential image: the movie and the static.

1. What is a movie?
any image which appears to move due to persistence of vision*, or ispresented using an apparatus where such apparent movement is possible.
(* also phi phenomenon)
2. What is a static?
any image which does not appear to move,* but which is presented using an apparatus which does not have the potential for movement, or which does not show such apparent movement; the opposite of a movie.
(* by move, what is meant is the "literal" movement of a movie, not painterly movement [statics are images which do not move in 'real time'])

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