Review of Plugged-In Show in Hollywood, FL

story  Michael Betancourt, October 16, 2003 all rights reserved.


Michael Mills reviewed the Plugged-In show: "Art Light. In Hollywood, art in the dark is only the beginning" in The New Times Palm Beach. I guess he doesn't get it:

"A pair of short movies by Michael Betancourt, shown on two adjacent television screens with their own sets of headphones, strikes me as more annoying than anything else. One, She, My Memory, features loud vaguely ethnic-sounding music and jittery camerawork, while Telemetry (Excerpt) includes something like a color equivalent of white noise as a visual, paired with some music that starts at a low volume and gradually builds to a near-deafening crescendo. It's sort of like a scrambled TV channel you've stumbled upon while channel-surfing."

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