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Narrated by Tom Gormley


Alright, it’s a simple situation. This is how it works: Victims victimized by victimizers will victimize their victimizers, making the victims into the victimizers who now vic- timize the victimizers because they were victims. However, this perpetuates the victimizer–victim relationship because the victims, now victimizers, victimize those who were victimizers, creating new victims who will victimize again because they were victimized; this victimization of victimizers makes more victims who will only live to victimize again. Victims victimizing victimizers, now victims victimized who victimize other victim–victimizers and victimize still more victimizer–victims victimized by victimization.

Copyright © Michael Betancourt  August 22, 2000  all rights reserved.

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