Illustrator Glitch Experiments

story  Michael Betancourt, March 15, 2021 all rights reserved.


Here are several experiments with generating glitches using software that isn't normally engaged for glitching, Adobe Illustrator:

Here is a protocol for forcing Illustrator to generate glitched imagery:

Take any picture composed of vectors in Adobe Illustrator. Release all compound paths and completely ungroup everything. Then use the Blend tool to generate in-betweens and expand. Repeat the process until the desired level of complexity has been produced. Illustrator will randomly link and morph elements into each other producing the glitch effect, and as the complexity increases, the program will start to make mistakes in how and where it combines elements. You can tell it's having problems once the machine stops consistently drawing the preview image on screen: this is a symptom that your computer is starting to glitch because the image has exceeded the software's tolerances..... once you're on the other side of this state, that's when things start getting interesting.

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