Digital Graffiti 2022 - Best of Show - Alys Beach, FL

story © Michael Betancourt, May 13, 2022 all rights reserved.


I am honored to have my work chosen as Best of Show at Digital Graffiti 2022. This was a great show with so much wonderful work, I am really happy to have been a part of it!

The show was in Alys Beach, FL from May 13 to May 14.

DG2022 was curated by John Colette and included work by Adriana Moya, Alex Campbell, Andy McKeown, August Bach, Bettina Müller, Border Williams, Carlos Vargas, Chandler Williams, Chris Cameron and Christina Georgieva, David Bennett, Eddie Lohmeyer, Eric Homan, Fumie Matters, Irene Mamiye, Isabel Clavo, Jeremy Newman, Jonah Allen, Kate Balsley, Katie Rolph and lo Ermoli, Katina Bitsicas, Keaton Fox and Renee Silva, Linda Loh, Luke Hildreth, Maria Fernandez, Michael Burton, and Michael Betancourt. Along with pieces by the Artists in Residence: mammasONica Peter Clark and Cody Samson ‘Shmody.’

Copyright © Michael Betancourt  May 13, 2022  all rights reserved.

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