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archives begin in 1996


BitMan for your TV

story © Michael Betancourt | published December 25, 2004 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

random art notes

Video Bulb allows you to play a continuous animation of Ryota Kuwakubo's BitMan (.avi) on your TV.

I guess this means the era of plug-and-play digital video artworks has actually arrived, at least for some simpler works. I guess it's just a matter of time before more complex art work is available with similar technology. The only limiting factors that occurr to me immediately is electrical power and storage, and both of these are improving every year. How long before I can get a Wilfred Lumia box in this format (or something more contemporary)?

Kinetic Painting

story © Michael Betancourt | published December 9, 2004 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

random art notes

"Kinetic Painting" is a particular kind of visual performance that is related to visual music created with color organs, but instead of using a mechanical device, it is performed with various kinds of projector (usually an overhead projector) live for an audience. Both Norman Perryman and The Lumonics Theater are examples of this type of visual music.

Video Game Installation Art

story © Michael Betancourt | published June 26, 2004 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

random art notes

Choice quote from an interview with Invader: "Initially there was the discovery of a relationship between pixelation and the mosaic, then the introduction of a video game into reality, and finally an invasion on a planetary scale." What I find striking is he has made the same connection I did between the pixel and earlier visual media.

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Futures Now Past

story © Michael Betancourt | published May 29, 2004 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

random art notes

This exhibit presents a strikingly antiquated Modern vision of the Future (now the present) from the 1940s. Radebaugh designed many of the images we now recognize as emblematic of what our present was imagined to be like in the days when imagining the Future wasn't a bleak prospect.

THE ____________ MANIFESTO

story © Michael Betancourt | published July 4, 1996 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

random art notes

Today, itself is obsolete. In documenting art
on the basis of : we are human and true
for the sake of , , and
. At the crossroads of the lights, alert,
attentively awaiting .

If you find it futile and don't want to waste your time on a
that means nothing, consider that here we
cast on fertile ground. Here we have a right
to do some prospecting, for we have .
We are ghosts drunk on energy, we dig into .

We are a as tropically abundant as
, which is the art of making
established as on a
canvas before our eyes,yet today the striving for
in a work of art seems
to art. Art is a concept, exalted as
, inexplicable as life, indefinable and
. The work of art comes into being through
the of the elements.

The medium is as as the artist. Essential only
is the forming, and because the medium is ,
any whatsoever will .

is the name for such art.
stands for freedom.
changes meaning with the change in the insight of those who view
it. Every artist must be allowed to mold a picture out of
. The of natural
elements is to a work of art. Instead, it is the
artist who to produce ,
in order to make a better art.