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SoundImageSound Festival 9

story © Michael Betancourt | published December 31, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print


My movie Antag|Protag will be screening in the Fixed Media Program on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 7:30 PM as part of the SoundImageSound Festival.

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Dancing Glitch (2013)

story © Michael Betancourt | published December 29, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

My Movies

Here is a new movie that I've decided is finished, just in time for the new year.

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MEMIC Film Salon 1 - NOV 30

story © Michael Betancourt | published November 26, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

I have two movies in the MEMIC Film Salon 1: War Paint on Friday 30th November opening at 7pm.

MEMIC (Midlands Experimental Moving Image Collective)

One will be in the screening and Viral Underground will be one of the pieces in the video art exhibition at the Althorpe Street Studios & Gallery, Royal Leamington Spa. Leamington is just over an hour by train from London, and 30 mins from Birmingham:

Althorpe Industrial Estate, Althorpe Street, Leamington Spa, CV31 2AU


NYC, Screening of my movie Star Fish rescheduled to November 16, 7-10pm

story © Michael Betancourt | published October 26, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print


The next Synthetic Zero event at BronxArtSpace, is co-curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Jo Q. Nelson. The show includes performance, experimental video, music, video installations, visual art and sculpture:


Synthetic Zero Event
curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Jo Q. Nelson
Openings November 16, 7-10pm


Star Fish (2012)

story © Michael Betancourt | published September 22, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

My Movies

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Automation in Evidence on The 'New Aesthetic'

story © Michael Betancourt | published September 3, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

Digital Capitalism

This is a fragment of my new essay considering the automation and automated processes so clearly on view in the collected material of the new aesthetic, James Bridle's tumblr blog. Originally I hadn't planned to write about his project, but I recently reconsidered that plan as I realized there was overlap with my current thinking about automation:

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A Postscript to Educating Buffy

story © Michael Betancourt | published August 6, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print


One of my older articles periodically receives attention, and since it has recently gotten quite a bit more than usual, and I have now been asked this question several times in recent months: would I change my analysis given the later development of the program? Here is a postscript to that article, written in 1998:

In the fourteen years since writing Educating Buffy: The Role of Education in Buffy the Vampire-Slayer the show and its creator Joss Whedon have moved into positions of significance for critical and theoretical analysis. The show itself has moved from a program whose survival season-to-season was at times possibly open to question, into a show whose seven year run (and spin-off show Angel) were both successful enough to ensure a longer presence on TV thanks to syndication. Their commercial success and sharply drawn scenarios provide ample justifications for the analysis as they have received.

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The Law of Automation

story © Michael Betancourt | published July 26, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

Digital Capitalism

The Law of Automation is very simple:

Anything that can be automated, will be.
The results of this law are immediately obvious: every low skilled job that can readily be described by a limited set of algo-rules will be replaced by automation. The first stages are abundantly on view around us: how long before the iPhone's voice response system SIRI asks, "Do you want fries with that?"

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Antag|Protag (2012)

story © Michael Betancourt | published July 26, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print

My Movies

I've been working on this one for a while now; the music track has been sitting idle on my computer waiting for the right project since 1996, so I'm very happy to finally put it into a movie!


Essay on JR and Jose Parla

story © Michael Betancourt | published July 22, 2012 | permalink | TwitThis Digg Facebook StumbleUpon  |  Print


I wrote a short essay on JR and Jos Parl's collaboration in Havana, Cuba. It will be in the new book Wrinkles of the City: Havana, Cuba | JR & Jos Parl, from Damiani, due out this fall. You can pre-order it from

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